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Pupillage Recruitment For 2021

9 King's Bench Walk is offering one funded criminal pupillage commencing October 2021. Minimum guaranteed funding is currently £18,960, but this may be increased in line with any BSB requirement for guaranteed funding. 9 KBW has already awarded two pupillages, commencing in October 2021, but an unexpected development means that a third place remains available.

Although we are predominantly a criminal set, we also have many experienced practitioners in Regulatory and Immigration Law, who will be able to advise and guide pupils who wish to broaden their areas of specialisation. 

We intend to recruit a pupil who we think has what it takes to become a tenant and we provide a wide and inclusive experience with that aim firmly in mind. 

Candidates should be willing to work hard, show a commitment to criminal law, be prepared to consider other specialisms, have a passion and flair for advocacy as well as good interpersonal skills, and be articulate, persuasive and clear. 

We do not discriminate between those with law degrees and those with non-law degrees, and encourage applications from those who are coming to the Bar at a later stage in their careers. While we have no absolute requirement as to class of degree, a high standard (generally no less than a 2:1) is usually expected. 

In your second six you will be kept very busy in court, doing cases for both the defence and the prosecution, in the Magistrates' Courts every day, as well as gaining extensive experience in Crown Court hearings. There will also be opportunities to undertake Regulatory work and to observe those practising in Immigration.. 

We actively encourage our pupils to apply for both Crown Prosecution and Regulatory Panels, as soon as the necessary level of experience has been achieved, and we provide experienced and specialised advice when doing so. All of our pupils to date have been successful in their applications to these panels.

Chambers has several qualified pupil supervisors and successful applicants will be able to assist and observe Counsel involved in the most serious and complex cases as well as receiving expert training in advocacy and advisory work.

Pupils are also given the opportunity to participate in our well established OIC Roadshow, which delivers training to police officers in London and the South East. We also present mock trials to junior police officers and all of our pupils and junior tenants are encouraged to take part in these trials.

Until the lockdown in early 2020, we often provided officer training in court rooms in and around London and with the support and participation of sitting judges at those courts. Despite the pandemic, we continue to provide this training to officers through remote means and it remains a source of great interest to police officers and other agencies..

Once the current restrictions end, we intend to resume our successful programme of seminars covering all aspects of law and procedure. We are currently building a programme for seminars to be rolled out during 2021/22, providing instructing solicitors with lectures on the most current and topical law, as well as in house training specifically tailored to individual areas of specialisation. Our pupils are always invited to assist with this side of Chambers activities as it provides excellent training and an opportunity to meet solicitors and prosecution lawyers in the CPS as well as Regulatory Departments.

Our experienced team in Chambers are all pleased to help with in house advocacy training for our pupils as we see this as an important part of not only their professional training, but as a way of additional support and inclusion in the life of Chambers.

We view all of our pupils as part of a long term investment in the future life of the Bar and of Chambers itself. With this in mind we strive at all times to provide the most wide ranging and inciteful experience that we can, in order to drive their knowledge and enthusiasm and to bring out the best in each of them.

To that end Chambers is currently undertaking the process of applying to become an Authorised Education and Training Organisation (AETO) and we expect to submit our application to do so in July 2021.
Chambers has a robust equal opportunities policy, and does not discriminate on grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, religion or political persuasion. We select candidates strictly according to demonstrated merit. 

How to apply

Applicants should fill in our application form, CLICK HERE to download. Please email it to christine@9kbw.com. The closing date for applications is Friday June 25th 5pm.

There will be two rounds of interviews in July 2021 with an offer being made to the successful applicant by the first week in August 2021. 

We would also be grateful if applicants would complete an Equalities and Diversity Monitoring form by clicking the link HERE and e mailing the completed form to Tom Aitken, Chambers Equality and Diversity Data Officer on tom.aitken@9kbw.co.uk

Applicants are not obliged to answer all or any of the questions but, in providing this information, you will help us to ensure that our recruitment is fair and objective for all.