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Pupil Testimonials



Charles Austin-Groome

I didn’t know what to expect of my first six at 9KBW – but it has genuinely exceeded every expectation.

Yes, hard work, but stimulating and such a fast learning curve.

If I’m not in court listening to the advocacy of an experienced member of Chambers, I am helping to prepare cases for trial, drafting skeleton arguments and researching case law.

Members of Chambers, busy as they are, will always find the time to involve me, to explain and to give me a quiet, encouraging steer when I get it wrong.

Among the many things I have learnt is that this lot go the extra mile to welcome people wholeheartedly. 

I suspect it is the people around you that make pupillage a positive experience. At 9KBW people go out of their way to welcome a newbie barrister like me. I am very much looking forward to my second six.



George Skinner

Pupillage has been a whirlwind experience- but I have loved every second and I am constantly reminded of the reasons as to why I want to be a barrister. 

Even though there are always things that will be stressful, especially with my second six rapidly approaching, I have found the support and guidance afforded to me at 9KBW has been so reassuring. Everyone has left me feeling confident and excited for the future. It has been a privilege to be able to watch, help and learn from fantastic advocates as I equip myself with techniques and experience before deploying them when on my feet. 

I cannot wait to hit the ground running in my second six, knowing that I have been able to learn as much as possible in my first six and that same support network remains in place. 


9KBW supports the CBA with No Returns in AGFS Criminal Cases.
9KBW fully supports the Criminal Bar Association's position that neither the level of remuneration offered nor the government’s proposed timetable for implementation represent an adequate response to the crisis that has enveloped the criminal Bar following years of inadequate funding of the criminal justice system.

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Callum Morgan joins 9KBW as a Probationary Tenant
We are delighted to announce that Callum Morgan has accepted our offer of a probationary tenancy. Callum will practice in Criminal and Regulatory Law

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Clara Sibanda accepts the offer of Tenancy
Chambers is delighted to announce that Clara Sibanda has accepted our offer of Tenancy, following the successful completion of her Probationary Tenancy. Clara is a Criminal and Regulatory Practitioner.

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Samuel March joins 9KBW as a Tenant
Chambers is delighted to announce that Sam March has accepted our offer of Tenancy, following the successful completion of a Probationary Tenancy. Sam is a Criminal and Regulatory Practitioner.

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9 KBW is recruiting pupils for 2022/2023
9 KBW is pleased to say that we are offering three new criminal pupillages for October 2022. Full details can be found on the Pupillage Gateway and the link to download an application form is on the Pupillage Recruitment Page of this website.

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