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Pupil Testimonials



Charles Austin-Groome

First Six

I didn’t know what to expect of my first six at 9KBW – but it has genuinely exceeded every expectation.

Yes, hard work, but stimulating and such a fast learning curve.

If I’m not in court listening to the advocacy of an experienced member of Chambers, I am helping to prepare cases for trial, drafting skeleton arguments and researching case law.

Members of Chambers, busy as they are, will always find the time to involve me, to explain and to give me a quiet, encouraging steer when I get it wrong.

Among the many things I have learnt is that this lot go the extra mile to welcome people wholeheartedly. 

I suspect it is the people around you that make pupillage a positive experience. At 9KBW people go out of their way to welcome a newbie barrister like me. I am very much looking forward to my second six.

Second Six

I started my second six nearly a month ago. I have been in court every day, prosecuting and defending in the Magistrates’ Court, Youth Court and Crown Court. I am currently preparing for a hearing in the Court of Appeal. 

What stands out is the ethos and character of Chambers. Whether I am mid-trial or about to appear for a mention, no one is ever too busy to have a quick telephone call to answer any questions I may have.

Seeing your name on a set of papers for the very first time is surreal. It can be daunting and I know that each day will be a new challenge. But with the support of every member of 9KBW – together with a set of experienced and industrious clerks – it has been a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience so far.



George Skinner

First Six

Pupillage has been a whirlwind experience- but I have loved every second and I am constantly reminded of the reasons as to why I want to be a barrister. 

Even though there are always things that will be stressful, especially with my second six rapidly approaching, I have found the support and guidance afforded to me at 9KBW has been so reassuring. Everyone has left me feeling confident and excited for the future. It has been a privilege to be able to watch, help and learn from fantastic advocates as I equip myself with techniques and experience before deploying them when on my feet. 

I cannot wait to hit the ground running in my second six, knowing that I have been able to learn as much as possible in my first six and that same support network remains in place. 



Piers Walter

First Six

The first thing members at 9KBW tell you is “we want you to succeed”, but nobody expects you to do it alone. Every member of Chambers has taught me something, and that’s what First Six is all about.

First Six is about being a sponge – absorb everything and steal as much knowledge from colleagues as you can. You’re expected to work, and work you will. You’ll get things wrong but that’s all part of the process. It can be challenging, but it just so happens that you’ll have the best time doing it. 

It’s a pretty good position to be in when you can say you’ve grown as a person and done it alongside the loveliest of people. The prospect of Second Six is daunting but when you have such a great group of people willing you to succeed, things don’t seem scary at all.




Surinder Singh Gohlan acts as Judge in The Westminster Bar Society Criminal Moot
The Westminster Bar Society had the privilege of hosting barristers Surinder Singh Gohlan from 9KBW, James Caudwell from 2 Harcourt Buildings and New York Attorney Charity Mafuba as judges for our criminal law moot on Saturday 1 st April 2023 sponsored by The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.

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Piers Walter successful in application to join the CPS Advocate Panel.
9 KBW offers warmest congratulations to Piers Walter, following his successful application to join the CPS Advocate Panel at level 1.

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George Skinner successful in application at level 2 on the CPS Advocate Panel
Chambers are delighted to announce that George Skinner has been successful in his application to upgrade to Level 2 on the London and South-East Advocate Panel. We offer our warmest congratulations to George, who now joins our ever growing panel of CPS advocates at levels 2, 3 and 4.

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R -v- Lewis, Findlay & Alpergin: Croydon Crown Court; Sentence 9th Feb 2023
John Clifford secures the conviction of three Defendants as part of an Organised Criminal Network involved in firearms and drugs supply as well as counterfeit currency.

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9 KBW members highly successful in applications to upgrade on the CPS Advocate Panel
9 KBW is delighted to announce that nine of our members were successful in their applications to upgrade to Levels 4, 3 and 2. The successful results were as follows; Jonathan Mole and Daniel Cohen both successful at Grade 4 Suzanne Fewins successful at Grade 3 Stephen Wells, Surinder Singh Gohlan, Callum Morgan, Clara Sibanda, Samuel March and Charlie Austin-Groome all successful at Grade 2 .

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