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Founded on Belief, Passion & Integrity

A warm welcome to the website of 9 KBW, Chambers of Shabeena Azhar and Jonathan Mole.

9 KBW specialises in high level and general crime, offences of murder, manslaughter, serious violence, gang crime, cybercrime, child abuse, rape cases and other sexual offences, fraud, immigration, particularly those cases linked with criminal charges, traffic and regulatory work. We offer services under the direct public access rules in many areas of law.

Chambers offers a wealth of experience in Regulatory Law and Immigration matters and Counsel regularly prosecute and defend on behalf of a wide range of professional regulatory bodies, both within the private and government sectors, assisting with very large, high profile and complex investigations.

We appear in Immigration and Regulatory Courts and Tribunals at all levels, Crown Court and Magistrates Courts, Court of Appeal and the High Court, First Tier and Upper Tribunal, Nursing and Midwifery and other Tribunals, 

Whether you simply require advice or need representation at trial or tribunal hearings, we offer you a wealth of expertise and choice of Counsel.

Criminal Bar Association action

9 KBW is a Chambers founded on belief in the rule of law, the right of all individuals to be expertly represented and the administration of justice. Those solid foundations were laid down more than 45 years ago and we continue to base our service firmly upon those simple, but vital, principles

Our belief in the rule of law means that members of 9KBW support the Criminal Bar Association’s position that neither the level of remuneration offered by RAGFS in defence criminal cases, nor the government’s proposed timetable for implementation, represent an adequate response to the crisis that has enveloped the Criminal Bar, following years of inadequate funding of the criminal justice system. 

Accordingly, and in line with the result of the CBA ballot, members of these Chambers are participating in the action that commenced on June 27th 2022 and will not be accepting instructions or attending court for the defence in the majority of publicly funded cases. 

The members of the Criminal Bar are taking this action to fight on behalf of everyone; We once had a CJS that the world envied and emulated. That is no longer the case and if changes are not made and soon, our CJS will be in ruins. And that means that when YOU need someone, at probably the worst time of your life, to help you or  loved family member or friend, that help and expertise and dedication will not be available. It will lie under the ruins of the CJS. 

Throughout the past year, the CBA has continued to engage regularly with the Ministry of Justice, but despite the CBA’s reasonable requests, the Government has hitherto failed to expedite its timetable in any significant respect to facilitate the swiftest increase in barristers fees.

It is deeply unfortunate that the Criminal Bar has been driven to the point we have now reached, but we hope that you will understand we believe that it is imperative that we take such action as is necessary to secure the investment and reforms that are essential to the long-term viability of our profession and therefore of the criminal justice system as a whole.

Chambers will keep solicitors and the courts fully informed of the position. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our clerking team.


George Skinner is awarded the Neville Laski from the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.
This award is made by Inner Temple as part of the Inn’s Pupillage Awards. The award takes its name from former Judge, Kings Counsel and a Bencher of Inner Temple, Neville Laski. Congratulations from all at 9 KBW

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Callum Morgan successful in application to join the CPS Advocate Panel
Warmest congratulations to Callum Morgan who was successful in his application to join the General Crown Prosecution Service Advocate Panel at level 1

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Stephen Wells and Samuel March successful in first ever private prosecution for Advocates for Animals.
In its first ever private prosecution, taken to trial, Advocates for Animals instructed Stephen Wells (Leading Junior) and Samuel March to represent a client against a company director of a rehoming service company

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Further success for 9 KBW in applications to join the Crown Prosecution Service Advocate Panel
Chambers are delighted to announce that Clara Sibanda, Charles Austin-Groome and Sapna Devi have all been successful in their applications to join the Advocate Panel at Level 1. Warm congratulations to all.

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Daniel Cohen successful in Court of Appeal case
Daniel Cohen successfully appealed to the Court of Appeal against his client's sentence for assault by penetration. The sentence was found to be manifestly excessive and accordingly, was reduced by 18 months.

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