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Mini Pupillage at 9 KBW







Our Mini-Pupillage Programme application window for April 2023 to March 2024 has now closed.

The next application window will open January 4th 2024 with a deadline for applications of July 31st 2024. 25 places will be available from April 1st 2024 to March 31st 2025

For applicants interested in applying for the 2024/2025 scheme, our policy and arrangements are set out below.

1. Introduction

This Policy sets out 9 KBW’s recruitment and application process as well as our criteria for scoring applications, from applicants who wish to undertake a mini pupillage with our Chambers from April 2024 to March 2025.

We have offered mini pupillages for over 20 years at 9 KBW and we see them as not only an important opportunity for anyone considering life at the Bar, but also for Chambers to demonstrate how we can offer a very high standard of pupillage to prospective future pupillage applicants, when the time comes.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Chambers is fully committed to the principles of fair recruitment, for any and all applicants for positions at 9KBW, in whatever capacity.

Our policies and principles are compliant with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion legislation, the Bar Council’s Fair Recruitment Guide and the Bar Standards Handbook Rules

Chambers barristers and staff will not discriminate, or victimise directly or indirectly, in relation to any other person, because of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, religion or political persuasion. 

We would ask that the application for mini-pupillage is accompanied by an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Monitoring Form. This can be downloaded by clicking the link HERE and should be sent by separate e mail to our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Data Officer clara.sibanda@9kbw.co.uk. It is not a requirement that any applicant completes a Monitoring Form but we encourage you to do so in order to assist us in assessing the effectiveness of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policies, through annual analysis of the data, and to assess whether we need to take any particular action to further promote equality in our recruitment and selection processes.

2. Reasonable Adjustments

Where requested Chambers will always offer to make whatever reasonable adjustments we can, to ensure that our mini pupillage process is an option for as many candidates with, by way of example, a disability or caring responsibilities, as is possible. 

To this end, although Chambers is not wheelchair accessible, we can offer mini pupillages to those applicants requiring wheelchair access to venues, by arranging for mini pupils to attend court directly, or to meet Counsel or staff in wheelchair accessible venues, rather than come to Chambers premises.

Where mini pupils may have difficulties with travel at certain times, or can only attend court on certain days, because of caring responsibilities for instance, this does not preclude anyone from applying. We will make adjustments to fit in with the timetable that the mini-pupil needs to work to if attending court, research can usually be undertaken remotely and mini pupils can join hearings, that are via CVP, from their homes.

If you would like a copy of Chambers Reasonable Adjustments Policy, please e mail Christine Eadie on christine@9kbw.com and a copy will be provided to you.

3. Number of Mini Pupillages

Between the period April 1st 2024 and March 31st 2025, Chambers will offer 25 mini pupillages, throughout the year, each for a period of five days. 

4. Mini Pupillage with 9KBW: What do we offer?

A mini pupillage with 9KBW will offer the opportunity of attending criminal courts, with Counsel, in or around the London area, to observe hearings of all types, including preliminary hearings, short applications, legal argument, guilty pleas and effective trials.

Mini pupils may also be offered the opportunity to attend Regulatory and Immigration Tribunals.

During a mini pupillage the applicant may be asked to assist with research, read and analyse the papers in a case, attend to observe a conference or be given such tasks as assisting Counsel in preparing bundles for instance.

We also encourage our mini pupils to talk to our clerking team for an insight into the career opportunities for a member of the Bar, what the financial position may be for those just starting out and for any other general information that may be of benefit to applicants.

5. Funding

Mini-pupillages are not funded and we do not pay for travel or other expenses.

6. Application Process

Only students who have commenced or already completed a full-time higher or further education course are eligible to apply.

Preference will be given to those in either the final or penultimate year of their degree course.

Those students undertaking a law degree are particularly encouraged to apply as we feel that they would most benefit from a mini-pupillage

We regret that we do not offer any work experience scheme or mini-pupillages for children currently at secondary school. All applicants must be aged 18 or over.

Any applicant must be able to live and work in the UK

Mini-pupillages are currently not formally assessed. However that position will be reviewed as Chambers moves through the process to become an Authorised Training and Education Authority.

Applications for mini-pupillage should be made by way of CV setting out previous academic and work history, and a letter of application in which the applicant addresses the following;

  • Why they are applying to 9 KBW in particular.
  • What areas of law they are interested in.
  • Details of any other achievement that demonstrates an applicant’s non-academic skill or ability
  • Details of experience in Mooting or Debating
  • Which year they are in at University
  • If taking a non-law degree, the application must specify that they plan to pursue a career at the Bar.
  • Dates of availability, for a five day consecutive period, throughout 2022 (excluding the Xmas and New Year period)
  • Confirmation that they are authorised to live and work in the UK

The application window will be open from January 4th 2024 and applications for 2024/2025 can be made up to July 31st 2024 when the window for 2024/25 applications will close. A new window for applications for April 2025 to March 2026 will open in January 2025.

7. Selection Process

A candidate’s application will be reviewed by two Members of the Chambers, one of whom is one of the Joint Heads of Chambers, who assess whether the application meets Chambers criteria. 

Successful applicants will be informed of the decision, given a date for the mini-pupillage and a copy of Chambers Handbook for Mini Pupils, which provides detailed information about Chambers, our members and policies and information that applicants will need, whilst undertaking a mini-pupillage with us.

If the selection team agree that the application does not satisfy the criteria, then the application is rejected and the applicant informed accordingly. 

If the Members disagree on selection, then the application is referred to a third Member of Chambers, who is a member of the Pupillage Committee, for a casting decision.  

8. Selection Criteria

Our basic criteria for selecting mini-pupils are similar to that for selecting pupils, namely academic as well as non-academic achievements, evidence of written skills as demonstrated within their application, and commitment to a career at the Bar  

The selection team will be looking for; 

  • A well written application
  • That the applicant demonstrates an understanding in their application of how Chambers operates and in which areas of law
  • An applicant who is a student candidate who is studying law at University OR
  • A student candidate who is undertaking a non-law degree, but intends to practice in law.

9. Confidentiality Agreement, Data Protection and compliance with GDPR regulations

Chambers has a full Privacy Notice and Policy which can be found on Chambers website at https://www.9kbw.com/about-us/privacy-notice

All individual members have their own Privacy Notices which are attached to each member profile.

Mini Pupils should read and familiarize themselves with both Chambers Notice and Policy prior to commencement of their time with 9KBW.

Each mini-pupil will be asked to sign a document setting out that they have read and understood the terms of 9 KBW policy and their responsibilities in respect of Confidentiality of Information, Data Sharing and any other related matters of confidentiality.

A copy of a confidentiality agreement will be sent to each mini-pupil on acceptance of a place with 9KBW and should be signed and e mailed to Christine Eadie. A hard copy should be signed and given to the clerks on commencement of mini-pupillage.

10. Lincoln’s Inn Mini-Pupillage Grant Scheme.

The mini-pupillage grant scheme offers financial support to students wishing to undertake mini-pupillages who would otherwise not be able to do so. Grants are intended to assist with the costs of travel and accommodation as well as a clothing allowance if needed. The value of each grant is calculated based on the applicant’s anticipated expenses up to a maximum of £500.

Eligibility - Applications are welcomed from prospective and current student members of the Inn. Applicants must be studying or have completed a qualifying law degree or GDL and must not be a member of another Inn. Applicants must have attended a state school or a private school with the help of a means tested scholarship and meet one or more of the criteria specified on the website. For full details go to https://www.lincolnsinn.org.uk/becoming-a-barrister/funding/

11. Handbook and other documents

All successful applicants will be provided with a copy of Chambers Handbook for Mini-Pupils and a copy of this Policy. These are also available on request, if this will assist when considering whether to make an application.

If any further information is required please e mail Christine@9kbw.com