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9 King's Bench Walk

Founded on Belief, Passion & Integrity

A warm welcome to the website of 9 KBW, Chambers of Shabeena Azhar and Jonathan Mole.

9 KBW specialises in high level and general crime, offences of murder, manslaughter, serious violence, gang crime, cybercrime, child abuse, rape cases and other sexual offences, fraud, immigration, particularly those cases linked with criminal charges, traffic and regulatory work. We offer services under the direct public access rules in many areas of law.

Chambers offers a wealth of experience in Regulatory Law and Immigration matters and Counsel regularly prosecute and defend on behalf of a wide range of professional regulatory bodies, both within the private and government sectors, assisting with very large, high profile and complex investigations.

We appear in Immigration and Regulatory Courts and Tribunals at all levels, Crown Court and Magistrates Courts, Court of Appeal and the High Court, First Tier and Upper Tribunal, Nursing and Midwifery and other Tribunals, 

Whether you simply require advice or need representation at trial or tribunal hearings, we offer you a wealth of expertise and choice of Counsel.

9 KBW is a Chambers founded on belief in the rule of law, the right of all individuals to be expertly represented and the administration of justice. Those solid foundations were laid down more than 45 years ago and we continue to base our service firmly upon those simple, but vital, principles

9KBW supports the CBA with Days of Action and No New Cases or Returns in AGFS Criminal Cases

9KBW fully supports the Criminal Bar Association's position that neither the level of remuneration offered nor the government’s proposed timetable for implementation represent an adequate response to the crisis that has enveloped the Criminal Bar, following years of inadequate funding of the criminal justice system. 

Accordingly, and in line with the result of the CBA ballot, members of these Chambers will be participating in the days of action, commencing on June 27th 2022. 

The 'days of action' will escalate each week, culminating in a five-day walkout on the week commencing 18 July. The action will then be suspended for a week before resuming on 1 August with a five-day walkout. Barristers will walk out every other week subject to a satisfactory response from the government. 

The members of the Criminal Bar are taking this action to fight on behalf of everyone; We once had a CJS that the world envied and emulated. That is no longer the case and if changes are not made and soon, our CJS will be in ruins. And that means that when YOU need someone, at probably the worst time of your life, to help you or  loved family member or friend, that help and expertise and dedication will not be available. It will lie under the ruins of the CJS. 

Currently Chambers members are also not accepting returns for AGFS criminal cases, meaning that if a barrister is not available to do a case they are instructed in, it cannot be passed to another barrister in our Chambers.

As of June 27th 2022 Chambers will not be accepting any new legal aid cases.

Chambers will keep solicitors and the courts fully informed of the position. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our clerking team.

Regulated by the Bar Standards Board


Daniel Cohen successful in Court of Appeal case
Daniel Cohen successfully appealed to the Court of Appeal against his client's sentence for assault by penetration. The sentence was found to be manifestly excessive and accordingly, was reduced by 18 months.

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Feryal Ertan appointed to FA National Serious Case Panel
Following her recent appointment to the FA Regional Discipline Panel, Feryal Ertan has also successfully been appointed to the FA’s National Serious Case Panel, for the forthcoming 2022-2023 football season.

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Clara Sibanda’s drug supply client spared immediate custody following success at trial of issue
Clara Sibanda, instructed by Reeves & Co, secured a suspended sentence for a defendant convicted of possession with intent to supply Class A and B drugs, as well as possession of criminal property and an offensive weapon.

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Samuel March secures acquittal of pro-Palestine protestor charged with possessing item with intent to destroy/damage property
Following a contested trial, Samuel March’s client was acquitted of possessing eight bottles of red paint, water balloons and a funnel with intent to destroy/damage property.

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John Clifford secures convictions of three Defendants in a case concerning an Organised Criminal Network [‘OCN’]
John Clifford prosecuted this case, which involved a widespread conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and the seizure of two prohibited firearms, as well as 34 rounds of live ammunition, and over £5k in counterfeit cash.

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