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The members of 9KBW Chambers Crime Team wish to make their position clear with regard to the action currently being taken by 9KBW itself and barristers, solicitors and many others who are involved in the criminal justice system in fighting against the devastating cuts to legal aid, both already enacted and those still proposed, by the Lord Chancellor

9 KBW responded fully to the Criminal Bar Association's recent consultation and our members made it clear that we supported the continuance of the existing action with regard to returns and proposed other measures that we felt could and should be taken.

Left unchecked, the Lord Chancellors current proposals will bring about irreparable damage to the criminal Justice system. Only by acting together with our colleagues at the Bar, within Solicitor firms and in other branches of the Criminal justice System, can we continue to impress upon the Lord Chancellor that these cuts will destroy the very fabric that holds together the justice system in this country. Once it is destroyed it cannot be restored

The 9KBW Chambers Crime Team will be urgently consulting with its colleagues at the Bar and in solicitor practices to discuss how we can continue to protest against the MOJ proposals so that we can go on protecting the rights of our clients to have access to experienced and specialist representation with the funding that is required.

We can, in the meantime, confirm that members will continue to refuse any VHCC cases which are paid at the new rates.











Maria Buckingham appointed to the CPS London and South Eastern Advocates Panel.
9 KBW is delighted to announce that Maria Buckingham has been successful in her application to join the Crown Prosecution Service Advocates Panel at Level 1.

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9 KBW is delighted to announce success by four members in their applications to join the Regulatory Panel, Level C, for Health and Safety and Environmental Law.
It is with enormous pleasure that we announce that Counsel Ben Edwards, Sophie Quinton-Carter, Claire Stevenson and Charles Drinnan have been successful in their applications to join the Regulatory Panel for Health and Safety and Environmental Law.

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9KBW welcomes new tenant, Maria Buckingham
Maria Buckingham, following the successful completion of her pupillage at 9 KBW, has joined us as a tenant from March 2019

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Sophie Kay explores the landmark appeal by Sally Challen of her murder conviction in a two-part series of articles.
Sophie Kay explores the landmark appeal by Sally Challen of her murder conviction in a two-part series of articles. This case highlights the potential for further development of homicide defences. Read more: https://www.9kbw.com/about-us/9kbw-law

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Claire Stevenson successfully represents OFSTED in a six-day tribunal hearing before the First-tier Tribunal (Health, Education and Social Care Chamber)
The provider appealed after their registration to provide childcare at two nursery settings was cancelled. The appellant had a poor inspection history. Over eight years, there had been a number of inspections, resulting in numerous breaches of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and notices being issued, which were not complied with.

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