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Following the sad loss of our beloved Head of Chambers, Ali Mohammed Azhar, 9KBW are pleased to announce the election of Joint Heads of Chambers, Shabeena Azhar and Jonathan Mole

We are a Chambers founded on belief in the rule of law, the right of all individuals to be properly represented and the administration of justice. Those solid foundations, which were laid down 40 years ago by our founders AM Abbas and  A M Azhar, will help us to continue their legacy.

During the past 40 years Chambers has developed and expanded in numbers, improved the quality and experience of our membership and, as a consequence, the level of cases we are currently instructed in is of a standard that is exceptional.

We will continue to uphold the principles adhered to by the founders of these Chambers and promise our clients excellence, commitment, dedication and a quality of representation that is of the highest order.

Founder Members


Ali Mohammed Azhar (HOC 1979-2014)


Ali Mohammed Abbas (HOC 1974-1979)



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9 KBW are looking for new members at all levels, experienced and able criminal practitioners and 3rd six pupils. See our recruitment page for more details.

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