Robert Evans

Year of Call: 1996


LLB (Hons) (Brunel)

Areas of work:


Robert is a specialist criminal advocate. He is instructed to appear in cases against silks, and as a leading junior. His expertise and advice is sought on Police operations before charge. He is experienced in dealing with complex cases or Police operations that are intelligence led, involve RIPA regulated activity, or depend entirely upon circumstantial evidence.

When defending, Robert has represented people from all parts of society including politicians, blue chip companies, and the mentally ill. He has dealt with cases referred from the Criminal Cases Review Commission and been successful on appeal in such cases.

Robert is a Grade 4 prosecutor for the CPS and a Rape Panel advocate. He is experienced in cases that involve NCA, SO15, SO19, Trident, Flying Squad, Sapphire (and their complex case division), shootings and organized crime networks.

Robert is currently instructed in a number of Police Operations that have yet to conclude at trial.

Robert has lectured forensic scientists and assisted with the assessments of forensic scientists at UCL and King’s College, London.


Robert’s notable cases include:

Attempted murder

* R v Shinohara – attempted murder of a stranger at a tube station. This case received national media coverage, and was the lead story on ITV’s 6 o clock news, 18th April 2016. For a press report, see

* R v Hamsa Farah – attempted murder – knife attack following a street confrontation. Prosecuted to conviction. 19 year sentence.


Sexual offences

* Operation Valemount – stranger sex attack on 17 year old girl – prosecuted to conviction – 16 year sentence.

* Operation Fitzroy – Child sex exploitation – 5 defendants sexually exploited teenage girls brought to a flat in Picadilly. For a press report see

* R v Christodoulou – historic sexual abuse on vulnerable women in the

1970s and 1980s. Robert prosecuted alone. Defendant represented by QC and junior. Prosecuted through trial to conviction. 18 year sentence.

* R v K – rape of a complainant with Down’s syndrome, by a mentally disordered defendant. Robert prosecuted alone. Defendant represented by QC

* R v Challis – historic sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priest. Prosecuted to conviction. 19 year sentence.

* R v Chandrabalan – End of relationship rape. Sensitive cultural issues. Reluctant complainant (family pressure), summonsed. Prosecuted through trial to conviction.

* R v Seals – end of relationship rape, where complainant was unaware she had been raped. She reported him to the police for fraud on another. Prosecuted through trial to conviction. Defence appealed as to use of fraud convictions in rape trial. Robert appeared in Court of Appeal. Convictions upheld.

* R v F – incest by brain damaged defendant resulting in the birth of a baby with genetic defects. Prosecuted to conviction. 13 year sentence.

* R v Hunt - series of sexual assaults by gas engineer on victims in their homes. Similar fact evidence used. Robert prosecuted through trial to conviction. See link

* R v Smith (aka Derber) – Rape (by a stranger). Robert defended in an allegation of rape by a lay client already subject to a hospital order.



* Operation Benedict. Robert prosecuted a test purchase operation involving street gangs in central London.

* R v Williams & Butler – Large scale drug supply. London Serious Crime Squad case. Williams represented by QC. Prosecuted to conviction. 15 year sentence. See

* Operation Fisheagle. Robert defended one of 14 defendants accused of controlling and supervising significant dealers in the conspiracy. Witness Anonymity order successfully opposed. Acquittal on two out of nine counts with clear covert footage.

* R v Ezekude & others – Large scale cocaine importations. Robert defended the principal defendant who was accused of organising and running ‘couriers’ bringing cocaine into the UK on a regular basis.


Serious violence

* Operation Wheelwright – Robert prosecuted a threats to kill case for SO15

(the Metropolitan Police’s Counter-Terrorism and Terrorism Command).

* R v Syla & others – gang related kidnap. Victim was kidnapped in the mistaken belief he belonged to a rival gang. Victim refused to co-operate with the prosecution at trial. Prosecuted through trial to conviction.

* R v Mohammed-Abdul & others – ‘Honour crime’ domestic violence Kidnap, false imprisonment and ABH – Robert defended the lead defendant who was acquitted of all ‘honour crime’ offences after trial. For facts, see

* R v Charles – s.18 GBH – Pre-planned ambush attack. Victim refused to co-operate with the prosecution at trial. Robert prosecuted using circumstantial evidence.

* R v A & others – s.18 GBH – Four man machete and samurai sword attack. Robert defended through trial to acquittal.

* R v Olkun & Ozdemir – Arson in context of ‘business dispute’. Robert prosecuted to conviction.

* R v Gulwell & others – Kidnap & s. 18 GBH (amputation of a thumb in a drugs dispute). Robert represented the lead defendant.

* R v Gurney – GBH – ‘Shaken’ baby twins. Robert defended.



* Operation Bubonic – Robert prosecuted a 7-handed firearms and drugs conspiracy through trial to convictions

* R v Bartley – possessing a firearm and ammunition. Robert prosecuted through trial to conviction. 8 year sentence.

* R v A – possessing an imitation firearm with intent. Armed officers shot the defendant twice after he pointed the gun at them. Sensitive handling required. Robert prosecuted.

* R v Abbas & Mnamata – Possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life. Cocked, loaded (live ammunition) and ready to fire firearm, during police raid. Prosecuted through trial to conviction. 9 year sentence.


Fraud / Money laundering

* Operation Steric – Robert defended a manager in a Fraud by staff employed by A4e. See link

* R v Onilado & others – Money laundering monies from an Ebay fraud. Robert defended to acquittal.

* R v Marunovas – Money laundering – Successful defence of man who received thousands of pounds in his bank account from an internet fraud.

* R v Egeonu & another – International money laundering. Robert defended the lead defendant.



* Operation Tabari – A series of ‘cash in transit’ robberies in South London. Circumstantial evidence including cell site and CCTV. Prosecuted to conviction.

* R v Ahmed – Robbery with an imitation firearm. Prosecuted through trial to conviction.

* R v B & others – 18 counts plus related offences. Robert prosecuted to conviction.

* R v Lamptey and another – £170,000 jewel heist. Robert represented main getaway driver (principals never caught).


Other cases of interest

* R v Ewins & Sesay – HSG – Robert prosecuted a case involving a memory stick containing intimate photographs of Prince William and Kate Middleton. See, alternatively see

* Operation Gemini – R v Al Tahabi & others. Robert prosecuted conspiracies to burgle, convert criminal property, and handle stolen goods.

* R v Anderson & another – Illegal disposal of industrial waste. Robert was junior in a case reported (in the press) as being the largest conspiracy of such a type in London.

* R v Stevenson – breach of a non-molestation order. Robert prosecuted at trial in a case where the defendant was represented by QC.

* R v T – Burglary – Robert successfully defended to acquittal a man who’s DNA was found inside burgled premises.

* R v Barrett – attempted s. 18 GBH (infection with Hepatitis C). Robert prosecuted to conviction.

* R v A – Robbery. Successful defence of man who accepted in interview punching the victim in the face while demanding money.

* R v Santos – Dangerous driving, automatism defence (supported by expert). Robert prosecuted and cross-examined the defence medical expert with no expert of his own. Prosecuted through trial to conviction.

* R v B & another - a Criminal Cases Review Commission case concerning a corrupt senior police officer. Appeal successful.



* Criminal Bar Association

* South Eastern Circuit

* Central London Bar Mess

* Gray's Inn

* Justice

He has served on the Young Barristers' Committee of the General Council of the Bar.


Professional experience before coming to the Bar

Robert has worked at Hickman & Rose Solicitors dealing with criminal cases. Later on he was a lawyer for Herbert Smith and Norton Rose Solicitors, working in their commercial litigation departments on trials involving multinational corporations, international trust funds, and city traders.



Robert’s interests include family, fitness and crosswords.


Between 2001 and 2002 Robert helped set up his local law centre and was its Treasurer.



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