Julian Edward Jones

Year of Call: 1999


  • LLB (Hons), 2:1 (Birmingham)
  • Dip. Law (ICSL)

Areas of work:



Julian specialises in cases involving very serious criminal allegations. He has experience of very substantial width and depth in trial advocacy, appellate advocacy, the giving of advice and case management.

He brings very thorough preparation and a firm grip on case management to every case he undertakes.

Julian is fully committed to giving every case the best he possibly can and those who instruct him know their case is in trusted hands. In the current resource stripped climate he will “go the extra mile” and do whatever he personally can for CPS Lawyers, Paralegal Officers and Defence Solicitors so as to make a case ready for hearing.

He takes great pride in client care, whether it be working with senior CPS lawyers and police officers on prosecution strategy, or fulfilling the pastoral side of the job with a vulnerable defence client.

He is firmly committed to a mixed practice of both prosecuting and defending and believes experience on each side has helped him on the other.

For the Prosecution Julian is on the Grade 4 List (the highest grade below Silk) and also the Rape List.

He is routinely instructed in complex attempted murder, firearm and gang cases investigated by Operation Trident and has developed a particular specialism in the use of social media and rap lyrics. He has further specialisms in the areas of fraud and money laundering. He is instructed by the Specialist Fraud and International Justice and Organised Crime Divisions of the CPS, and CPS London Special Casework and RASSO.

For both Prosecution and Defence he is frequently instructed as leading junior, and often faces QC opponents.




R v R and others (2018)

Defence – Junior alone

Two month trial involving an allegation of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation on an international basis by an alleged organised criminal network


R v R and others (2017)

Defence – junior alone

Allegation of grievous bodily harm with intent


R v J (2017)

Defence – junior alone

Allegation of duty evasion fraud


R v J (2017)

Prosecution – junior alone

Allegation of sexual assault on a child


R v M and others (2017)

Allegations of possession of a shotgun without a certificate

Prosecution – junior alone




R v Michael Nkrumah and other (2016)

Prosecution – Junior alone

The defendant stabbed a disabled man in his own home. The prosecution case consisted of a web of circumstantial evidence. He was convicted of wounding with intent. A co-defendant also pleaded guilty to a lesser offence. The case was reported in the press here:



R v Devindra Ferguson (2016)

Prosecution – Junior alone

The defendant pushed a bystander in front of a tube train. He pleaded guilty to attempted murder. The case was reported in the press here:



R v Louis Quatre and another (2016)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Louis Quatre stabbed a stranger in a row over cigarette smoke. He was convicted of wounding with intent. His co-defendant pleaded guilty to a knife offence but was cleared of involvement in the stabbing. The case was reported in the press here:


R v Michael Otshudi and Joseph Smith (2016)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Two defendants pleaded guilty and were sentenced in relation to a disturbance at a wake when a third – still at large – fired a shot which hit a community worker seeking to keep the peace. The case was reported in the press here:



R v Amish Kansagra (2015)

Prosecution – Junior alone

The defendant was convicted of the attempted murder of his ex - girlfriend. The case was reported here:



R v Andrew Gordon (2014)

Prosecution – Junior alone

The defendant fired shots into a car in which rival gang members were travelling. The case involved a complex web of circumstantial evidence. He was convicted of two counts of attempted murder. The case was reported in the press here:



R v Makanjuola (2013 – 2014)

Prosecution – Junior alone

The defendant was charged with possession of a firearm and possession with intent to supply class A drugs. The main prosecution witness was a drug dealer who alleged he had been assaulted by the defendant. The defence was that the firearm had been planted by the prosecution witness and that the drug supply was carried out under duress by those linked to the witness. The defendant was convicted of drug charges but acquitted in relation to the firearm. An unusual feature of the case was the need for skeleton arguments to be sent to the CACD mid trial, pursuant to paragraph 39 of the October 2013 Practice Direction, for guidance on the extent to which a discharged juror who was a potential witness to fact could be interviewed by solicitors acting for the defendant.


R v Miles and others (2013)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Each defendant was charged with, and convicted of, offences of possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life, and possession of an offensive weapon. The trial lasted for seven weeks and included a variety of different disciplines of expert evidence with regard to forensic findings and gang affiliation in Hackney. Youtube rap videos featuring the defendants were played to the jury as part of the prosecution case. The appeal of one defendant – Adebola Alimi – was subsequently allowed by the Court of Appeal. The case was reported in the press here:





R v A and H (2017)

Prosecution – Leading Junior

Prosecution of allegations of complex fraud and money laundering.


R v Seu and Vittoriano (2016)

Prosecution - Leading Junior

Prosecution of an allegation of large scale controlling prostitution / money laundering.



R v Virciglio (2015 – 2016)

Prosecution – Junior alone

The defendant pleaded guilty upon Julian being instructed and redrafting the indictment and making clear how the case was put. Complex POCA proceedings pending involving the interests of third parties in bankruptcy


R v Quayoom and 6 others (2015 – 2016)

Prosecution – Leading Junior

Allegations of conspiracy to defraud (fake accident claims) and money laundering.


R v Rose Chimuka (2012)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Julian was instructed to prosecute this case. After the defendant repeatedly sacked successive legal teams, she represented herself in a fifteen day Newton hearing concerning the basis of her intentions in a widespread fraud relating to the sub-letting of private houses. The case was reported in the press here:





R v P (name withheld to protect identity of complainant) (2015)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Prosecution of a historic father – on – daughter sexual abuse case. The defendant was convicted.


R v Jordan Hubbock (2014)

Defence – Led Junior

Julian was led for the defence by Nerida Harford - Bell in a case concerning multiple rape complainants. He was entrusted with the conduct of a number of difficult legal arguments on severance, disclosure and character.


R v Alex Kanneh (2012)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Julian was instructed by the CPS Rasso Team to prosecute this case in which Mr Kanneh, a care worker, had been charged with sexual activity with one of his mental health patients. Julian had to review a vast amount of medical material as part of the disclosure exercise. The defendant, who was represented by Queen's Counsel, pleaded guilty shortly before trial.


R v WS (2012)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Julian was instructed by the CPS RASSO Team to prosecute this highly sensitive case which involved the anal and oral rape of a five year old boy by a fifteen year old boy. The Defendant pleaded guilty on the day of trial.




R v RR (2016)

Defence – Junior alone

The defendant, a serving police officer, on Operation Trident, was accused of driving with excess alcohol and failing to stop at the scene of an accident. The case involved a total of seven expert reports relating to back calculation, collision investigation and psychiatric disorders. The defendant was acquitted of failing to stop at the scene of an accident but convicted of driving with excess alcohol.



R v Michael Wilson (2016)

Prosecution - Junior alone

The defendant, a practising solicitor who represented himself at trial, was convicted of laundering the proceeds of a wine investment fraud. The case was reported in the press here:


R v Lincoln Crawford (2015)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Prosecution of a senior barrister and former Recorder of the Crown Court for a second breach of a Restraining Order. The defendant was convicted. The case was reported in the press here:



R v B (2014)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Julian prosecuted the trial of a City solicitor charged with arson, against a QC opponent. The prosecution ultimately offered no evidence following what the Judge described as a finely balanced legal argument concerning fitness for interview. Julian was complimented by the Judge and by his opponent for his fair conduct of the case.


R v Hollingsworth and March (2014)

Prosecution – junior alone

Julian prosecuted this case of dangerous driving (leading to an accident in which the victim was left in a near permanent vegetative state) and perverting the course of justice, involving cut throat defences. Both defendants were convicted. At the outset, Julian had submitted a comprehensive disclosure skeleton, setting out how the Court should proceed in a case where the article 8 rights of one defendant were engaged in relation to private medical material which prima facie passed the disclosure test in relation to the cut throat defence of the other. The Judge followed the suggested approach in its entirety.


R v R (2013)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Julian was instructed by the CPS London North Team to prosecute this case of blackmail where the complainant was a high class escort, vulnerable to blackmail because of a family connection with a well - known person in the public eye.


R v ZS (2012)

Defence – junior alone

Julian was instructed to defend ZS, a budding young actor and musician, who had been charged under Operation Withern (2011 disturbances) with burglary. He had been found in the shop window of JD Sports at about 7am on a Sunday morning. He was acquitted.


R v Drabwell (2011)

Prosecution – Junior alone

Julian prosecuted a serving magistrate in relation to a fraud she had perpetrated while acting as treasurer of her local cricket club. The case was reported in the press here:





R v Alimi (2014)

Respondent – Junior alone

Appeal against conviction allowed on a ground of appeal concerning the admission into evidence as bad character of a defendant making a non - speaking appearance in gang related rap videos


R v Coley, McGhee and Harris (2013) EWCA Crim 223

Respondent – Led Junior

Julian conducted the original trial on behalf of the Crown in the case of McGhee. He was convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. He appealed against the decision of the Recorder to withdraw the defence of non - insane automatism from the jury. The case was listed with two others which were concerned with insanity and intoxication. Julian was instructed as junior counsel for the Crown in the appeal of McGhee and was led by John Price QC who made overarching submissions on behalf of the Crown in all three appeals. The full judgment can be found here:



R v Hiteshi (2010) EWCA Crim 219

Respondent – Junior alone

Julian was instructed by the CPS as Respondent in this fresh evidence appeal which was refused after full hearing.


R v Grant (2010) EWCA Crim 215

Respondent – Junior alone

Julian was briefed for the CPS as Respondent. This was a an appeal against a finding of, and sentence for contempt in the Crown Court in relation to the actions of two defendants upon hearing mixed verdicts in what had been a vigorously fought cut throat defence to an allegation of joint possession of a prohibited weapon which Julian had prosecuted in the Crown Court. The appeal was allowed, and the decision was subsequently referred to in a consultation on the drawing up of a new Criminal Procedure Rule on contempt.



Cases involving abuse of process, judicial review, confiscation, cash seizure, money laundering, VAT offences, PII, third party disclosure, police texts, fitness to plead, medicines legislation, noise nuisance and breach of local authority enforcement notices.



MPS 2008 Commendation from the Metropolitan Police for outstanding contribution to the Mock Trial Scheme at Southwark Crown Court

Gray’s Inn 1997 The Edmund – Davies Award



To Police: 2017 9BW OIC Roadshow

To CPS: 2014 Training on criminal procedure and evidence to CPS prosecutors at Rose Court.

To defence barristers and solicitors: 2005 Training on bad character provisions of the CJA 2003

To law students: 1998-9 Regular Visiting lecturer in law at two Universities



Volunteer steam locomotive fireman at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (the location of the filming of the “The Railway Children” by EMI in 1970).

Also interests in wildlife, classical and contemporary music, the history of the early Stuarts and English Civil War, current British politics and fell walking


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