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Licensed Public Access

Licensed access is an initiative by the Bar Council which enables organisations, with appropriate experience and expertise, to use the specialist advice and advocacy services of a barrister direct, without the intervention of a solicitor. The scheme operates through a licensing system run by the Qualifications Committee of the Bar Standards Board.

If you would like to apply for a licence or would like further details of the scheme, please see the Bar Standards Board website or contact Joanne Dixon at the Bar Standards Board, 289-293 High Holborn, London WC1V 7HZ (Tel: 020 7611 1444).

The Courts and Legal Services Act recognises a distinction between advocacy services and litigation services. The Bar believes that this is an important distinction in the provision of legal services and one which should be maintained in the interests of the public. Licensed access has been established to provide those

organisations and individuals who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to do so, to have the opportunity to refer to the expertise of a Barrister without the intervention of a solicitor. The licensed access scheme ensures that the referrer has the skills necessary and the facilities available to instruct the Bar direct.

Licensed access allows direct access to the services of a barris

ter from a far wider range of organisations and individuals than previously permitted. It means that under certain conditions, suitable organisations and individuals (Fro

m the business community to the voluntary sector) have direct access to a Barrister.

All Members of 9 KBW are very happy to accept instructions from Licensed Access professionals who wish to directly instruct a barrister in a wide range of areas of law.

Any instructions must be dealt with in accordance with the Bar Standards Board Licensed Access rules as set out in Annex F1 to the BSB website